Welcome to ZeroAlpha Technology

We take complex business questions and build creative technology answers. Whether it is through integration of leading commercial and Open Source products, or writing custom code, we provide simple and secure solutions.

We specialise in Agile working and being responsive to frequently changing business environments. We can provide ScrumAlliance Certified Scrum Masters and provide coaching where required.

We are available for both long-term contracts working closely with your own staff, or for delivering specific project work independently.

Recent Blog Posts

Converting an Authentication Key to SSH Key in GPG v2.1.11

Having spent more time than is reasonable trying to convert my GPG Authentication key into an SSH key, and wondering where gpgkey2ssh has gone on Ubuntu 16, finally found the answer.

Make Tasks Earn Your Attention

One of the banes of my life, usually within larger organisations was the annual performance review process. That delightful time of year when you have to scramble round your colleagues for feedback and fill in a mountain of paperwork justifying to your boss (who you'd have hoped would be up to speed on your performance already) as to why you deserve to receive whatever pay rise or bonus they've already decided they're going to give you.

Programming on Autopilot

One of the simplest and most useful feature of modern IDEs is in their support for automated refactoring, code generation, and generally taking away some of the more mundane tasks from the developer. Let's face it, who wants to go back to sorting out your own Java imports at the top of a class file? Useful as these features are, there are downsides to relying on having the environment do too much for you. On a couple of recent projects I've seen it lead to a some bad habits - the impact of which have varied from the possibly-annoying to the actually-dangerous.

The Scrum Master's Umbrella

To entirely mis-quote a recent production of Cosi Fan Tutte, the idea that it is the Scrum Master's role to protect the team from outside influences is something akin to the Lost City of El Dorado - frequently talked about, but seldom seen.

Up And Running - Available Now for Contract Work

Well, consider this the metaphorical ribbon-cutting on the company website. After all the usual administration headache getting things set up, we're now ready to go.